Alternative Lending

Lending has changed – for the better – for both for consumers and businesses. Through Visa, you now have more variety in the lending solutions you can offer. 

Want to create installment loans by issuing virtual cards that can be used by consumers or businesses at point of sale? Or maybe you prefer to provide loan disbursements quickly through push payments? Just build your use case on top of Visa’s technology, and you’re good to go. 


See how Alternative Lending Solutions from Visa can help enable real-time* funding to your consumers or merchants

Alternative Lending might be for you if you are a startup or other business:

  • Providing direct-to-consumer or merchant loan disbursements
  • Providing consumers the option to pay for purchases in installments at the point of sale through virtual card issuance or on their existing credit or debit cards
  • Looking to offer micro loans through mobile devices in emerging markets

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Installments, also called “Buy Now Pay Later”, allows consumers to pay for qualifying purchases over time using their Visa credit or debit cards, including physical or virtual cards utilizing tokenization. It can be a big benefit for consumers because it helps provide increased flexibility and transparency, and can help drive sales and revenue for merchants and lenders.

Things to Consider

To use installments, you will need to be a licensed Issuer processor, or find partners who are Visa Ready certified to offer solutions.

If you are NOT a licensed issuer

Click the below links to find partners and help with all aspects of your solution.

If you want to become a licensed Issuer

Click the below links to apply to become a licensed issuer and then find installment partners to help with all aspects of your solution.


Push Payments

Push payment (Visa Direct) helps enable funds to be sent to any eligible Visa credential. Funds are posted to a deposit or omnibus account via the Primary Account Number of the card. In addition, Visa offers the Visa Push Payment Gateway Service to enable push-to-card capabilities for non-Visa cards in the U.S. and Canada.

Things to Consider

To enable Visa Direct, you will need a BIN sponsor or a principal Visa license as well as an acquirer processor. A Visa Direct Partner can help you find an acquirer.

Product Documentation

Our products are documented and accessed through Visa Developer Center.


In-App Provisioning

Cardholders have the ability to push credit cards into their mobile wallets using In-App provisioning solutions. There are two in-app provisioning products to help enable card credentials to be provisioned into mobile wallets resulting in faster spend, one product is a set of APIs and the second is an SDK. Both options allow partners to choose their development style to enhance their mobile experience for their cardholders.

Things to Consider

Please follow the documentation steps to complete the necessary pre-requisites with each of the digital wallet providers you are looking to partner with. And the relevant issuer needs to be a participant in the Visa Token System.

Product Documentation

Check out our solutions on Visa Developer.

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