Payments have never been faster. Send funds quickly and easily from one consumer to another, or from a business to a consumer, using the eligible Visa debit or reloadable prepaid card consumers already carry. Make digital disbursements to existing card products through push payments to an eligible Visa debit or reloadable prepaid card – whether physical or virtual.

Disbursements can also be set up as a recurring solution – for payroll or benefits, for example – with your end users able to receive their pay on an eligible debit or reloadable prepaid card. 

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See how to make payments easier and faster using Visa Direct

Disbursements might be for you if you are:

  • Looking to offer differentiated services to your clients through fast payments and remittances (domestic and cross border*)
  • Looking to establish new revenue streams across new and existing use cases by offering a push-to-card solution 
  • Serving customers who don’t have access to traditional brick and mortar banks

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Push Payments

Push payment transactions allow funds to be sent to and from any eligible Visa debit or reloadable prepaid card. Funds are posted to a deposit or omnibus account via the Primary Account Number of the card. In addition, Visa offers the Visa Push Payment Gateway Service to enable push-to-card capabilities for non-Visa cards in the U.S. and Canada.

Things to Consider

To enable fast payments to over one billion cards globally, you will need a Visa Direct Partner. A Visa Direct Partner can help you find an acquirer.

Product Documentation

Our products are documented and accessed through Visa Developer Center.


Issuance and Controls

Issue virtual and physical cards and give your users the ability to manage card controls, like spend restrictions.

Things to Consider

To enable digital issuance, you will need a BIN Sponsor or a direct Visa License as well as an Issuer Processor.

Product Documentation

Check out our APIs at Visa Next.

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