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11:FS Pulse is a cutting-edge research and benchmarking platform with over 3,000 user-journeys across banking and Fintech institutions. Intelligent filtering, searching, and customisable watchlists make it quick and easy to conduct rich, insightful competitor analysis.


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FS Pulse

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Compare your products' features and UX against the best in class with our global library of user journey videos from banking and fintech products.


Hassle-free competitor analysis: Forget signing up for hundreds of bank accounts and putting your credit score at risk. We source journeys directly from account holders.

Real experiences from active customers: Pulse journeys show you a range of well-used features and how real people use them every day.

Look beyond your local market: Learn how global brands are shaping the industry, with thousands of up-to-date user journeys from around the world.


Fintech Partner Connect


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