API-first Marketplace for Carbon Removals


Cloverly is the API-first platform for impactful climate action. Our solution makes it easy for Visa partners & issuers to create innovative climate-friendly offerings for customers, from sustainability-themed cards to carbon credit contributions. Using Cloverly’s technology, partners can build their own unique user experiences leveraging our carbon credit marketplace and infrastructure. They can empower their customers to support high-quality carbon projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere.


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Climate Action for every financial product

Cloverly is the infrastructure for building future-proof climate-friendly products. Cloverly provides seamless access to high-quality carbon removals so that financial services providers can build customized functionality to suit their unique business needs. The API offers the ability to:

  • programmatically remove carbon emissions for a few cents per transaction
  • pick the climate projects you want to support [access to hundreds of high-quality projects worldwide]
  • complete transaction and payment processing
  • deliver unique customer-facing certificates and receipts
  • build aggregation and reporting

The flexible API supports several use cases, including:

  1. Carbon-neutral Financial Transactions: Allow customers to compensate for the carbon emissions as they occur.
  2. Climate Rewards and Loyalty: Use reward points to buy carbon credits and reduce customer carbon footprint by contributing to projects that are meaningful to them.
  3. Round Up for Climate: Round up all purchases to support environmental projects.
  4. Climate Contributions: Allow customers to select a monthly amount or make a one-time contribution to support environmental projects.
  5. Build Unique Offerings for Commercial Customers: Create a green savings account to reward commercial customers for making sustainable investment choices.

Solution Information

Cloverly’s solution offers a highly flexible way to bring climate action into your digital application. You can educate and empower your customers to contribute directly to carbon credits that are essential to mitigate climate change, within your app, with just a few lines of code. We also have low-code/no-code solutions to help you launch features quickly. Reach out to start your planet-friendly product journey.


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