A trusted onboarding partner that offers best-in-class KYB, KYC and UBO verification for businesses in Asia.

Headquartered in Singapore, AsiaVerify stands out from other solutions with its commitment to high-quality data and its unique focus on the Asian markets. We take pride in being a trusted partner for global businesses seeking seamless onboarding processes in Asia.

Our services are designed to provide best-in-class Know Your Business (KYB), Know Your Customer (KYC), and Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) verification solutions specifically tailored for businesses operating in Asia. With our expertise, we ensure accurate and reliable verification processes to help businesses establish trust, mitigate risks, and comply with regulatory requirements.


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Asia Business Onboarding

  • Instant onboarding and verification
    Real-time verification, onboarding and monitoring of businesses, customers and ultimate beneficial owners.
  • Establishes real-time integrations into Government registries
    Extract KYB information such as the shareholding structure and unique beneficial owners to perform KYB/KYC, UBO and AML/Sanction screening through a single API.
  • Real-time risk monitoring
    Monitors changes to company status and address, shareholders and directors, UBO and AML alerts on both the company and individuals.
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