Simple and secure digital identity and authentication.

Callsign is pioneering digital trust through proprietary technology that uniquely mimics the way humans identify each other in the real world. Positive identification of genuine users delivers privacy, safety and minimal friction while ensuring that bad actors are blocked. Through a simple Swipe or Type, users can be personally recognized to a 99.999% accuracy, delivering the highest-fidelity AI-based user recognition for the digital world.


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User Authentication

Callsign has three platform capabilities: 

 The Intelligence Engine gives you a secure way of building a user’s digital DNA and confirming their identity.  

Callsign web and mobile SDKs collect data intelligence including:

  • Behavioral biometrics data 
  • Device fingerprint identification 
  • Location analytics and
  • Threat indicators 

Using advanced AI and Machine Learning (ML) techniques, the Intelligence Engine collects, fuses and analyzes thousands of data points to provide ensembling and results management.  The intelligence engine generates a robust assessment of how likely it is that a user is who they claim to be.  

The Orchestration layer gives you the capabilities to manage identity and access management technology in a single place. Callsign’s ‘no code’ Orchestration layer allows you to:

  • Design end-to-end frictionless user journeys, across all channels
  • Identify and authenticate your customers as well as invoke technology that stops bad actors 
  • Integrate third-party technologies into your digital journeys
  • Optimize your processes and perform comprehensive testing on your user journeys
  • Configure Dynamic Interventions which can be triggered as part of a user journey to combat online scams such as APP fraud. 

Authentication suite: provides a simple, secure way of authenticating users with their digital ID.

Callsign offers a range of authenticators that allow a user to perform PSD2 MFA-compliant, SCA-compliant through simple interactions.  Authenticators include: 

  • Mobile e.g., Portable behavioral PIN, Swipe, Path and device-binding 
  • Web authenticators e.g., Keystroke dynamics and browser crytpo-binding 
  • Out-of-band (OOB) authenticators e.g., SMS OTP, call challenge, hard and soft tokens and push-to-mobile
  • Device-native and third-party biometric authenticators e.g., Face ID, Touch ID and any third-party authenticator 

Key Benefits

  • Achieve highest-fidelity user recognition >99% accuracy, ensuring genuine users are granted access, while keeping bad ones out
  • Improve UX through reducing authentication steps >90% reduction in steps due to passive authentication and reduced friction 
  • Reduce fraud >80% reduction in fraud due to digital impersonation (including RAT, bot and manual), with increased intelligence and passive authentication
  • Reduce operational cost up to 70% reduction in costs due to decreased failed password customer support enquiries and SMS OTP authentication
  • Consolidate vendors reduce the need for multiple vendor solutions with one central view of activity across digital, telephony and physical channels 
  • Increase customer satisfaction through improved UX and passive authentication 
  • Achieve ubiquity, privacy and compliance with world-leading security and privacy-first solutions
  • Achieve SCA for 3DS 2.0 journeys whilst reducing reliance on SMS OTP
  • Enable TRA calculations for issuers 
Digital Merchants and Wallets
  • Reduce false positives to below 1% (lost sales caused by false positives are typically between 5-20%) 
  • Build seamless authentication across web and mobile channels 
  • Improve customer experience
  • Reduce cart abandonment 
  • Build trust with customers 


  • Increase customer satisfaction with reduced friction
  • Increase customer confidence with accounts/transactions verified and protected  


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