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CardFlight is a leading SaaS payment technology company making payment acceptance effortless and simple for small businesses. SwipeSimple, the company's signature product line, makes it easy for small businesses to accept payments anywhere – from a merchant's own mobile device, a computer, or a smart terminal. Used by more than 65,000 small businesses across every U.S. state, SwipeSimple is the omnichannel payment solution that merchants need today.


Visa Ready

Swipe Simple

SwipeSimple Mobile app and card reader turns any Android or iOS mobile device into a modern payment solution. Accepts contactless Tap to Pay payments. Merchants can accept payments at a counter, at the curbside, in open-air settings, and at remote customer locations. SwipeSimple is sold by more than 80 financial institutions and merchant service providers in the U.S.

Solution Information

Category Tap to Pay
Device Manufacturer SwipeSimple Mobile App with B250 card reader
Device Model Android and IOS
Application Name and Version Android V 13.2, IOS v 13.0

EMV Information

EMV Contactless Yes
EMV Chip Yes
Magstripe (Swipe) Yes


Letter of Approval Level 1 Yes
Letter of Approval Level 2 Yes
Acquirer Level 3 Certification Letter Yes


Visa Ready


Tap to Pay

Cardflight images of devices in use