Digital mobile wallets and cloud technologies

CARTSYS LLC is a small Ukrainian enterprise and specializes in the areas of mobile and electronic commerce, as well as in the field of technology solutions and software, used  in the production and personalization of payment cards.

CARTSYS LLC. develops and delivers solutions, specialized components, and services for financial institutes and card processing companies in the following fields:

  • Cloud payment solutions and services: development and provision of server platforms for tokenization, mobile payments and digital wallets (Android OS-based), systems for issuing banks to connect to global wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.
  • Data preparation systems for magnetic stripe cards and EMV-cards
  • Systems of PIN envelopes secure printing (dot-matrix and laser printing)
  • SMS-based PIN messaging systems
  • VR- and WEB-based remote PIN input systems
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Digital Services Platform Issuer Wallet and Fasttrack


Digital Services Platform Issuer Wallet and Fasttrack

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