Offering local and innovative omnichannel solutions for payment processing and fraud prevention around the world

Computop offers local and innovative omnichannel solutions for payment processing and fraud prevention around the world. For e-commerce, at POS and on mobile devices, retailers and service providers can choose from over 350 payment methods. Computop, a global player with locations in DE, CN, UK, USA, processes transactions with a combined value of $ 36 bln in 127 currencies.


Visa Ready

Public Transport Payments

Public Transport Payments

Computop’s Public Transport Payments solution offers best-in-class flexibility to public transport operators and their demands. Without the burden of certification and compliance topics, operators can benefit immediately from existing and certified solution architectures, including back-office systems, acquiring and terminal hardware. At the same time, it is also possible to integrate any desired ABT back-office solution and terminal provider of choice. In addition to the cEMV core functionalities Computop also provides supplementary services which distinctly reduce the workload and requirements in relation to PCI DSS, cryptography, as well as 3-D Secure and biometric authentication. The omnichannel character of Computop's processing API, including a broad portfolio of acquirer connections and payment methods, also makes it possible to manage passenger's payments from different sales channels via a single payment platform, resulting in more cost and process efficiency.

Transit Transaction Types: AVR (Amount Zero), Deferred Authorizations, Aggregated Transactions, Visa MTT Liability Share

Debt Recovery Transaction Types: Automatic Debt Recovery (MIT), ECOM (Web Portal) Debit Recovery, Tap Driven Debt Recovery

Solution Information

Visa Ready Mass Transit Models  MTT
Components Included in Solution Payments Gateway 
Mass Transit API Yes (most of the flagging is carried out on a configuration level at our system to facilitate the merchant/PTO back office integration)

Services and Support Information

Value Added Services Supported Tokenization, Fraud Screening, Reporting/Analytics, Merchant Gateway Services, P2PE Capable, Decryption Services (HSM), VTS, BIN Recognition, Customized Payment Pages (XSLT), 3DS Solution Provider (3DS 1.0 and EMV 3DS 2.X), Biometrics
Payment Account Reference API Yes
Acquirer Connections Supporting Transit 3


Visa Ready