Designing and building innovative payment solutions

Creitive works with Visa and Visa’s clients and partners to design, prototype, build, and scale innovative web and mobile payment solutions. With a deep understanding of the payments industry, Creitive team applies the most innovative practices to build best-in-class digital wallets, loyalty & rewards apps, digital banking apps, and banking portals.



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HolyWally - Digital Wallet as a Service

HolyWally is a white label digital wallet solution that comes pre-integrated with third party solutions – VTS, issuer processors, BaaS, KYC, loyalty & rewards, trading platforms, etc. to enable any digital payments use-case and top-notch user experience.  

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Digital Onboarding and Account Opening

Solution Information

A platform that enables anyone to rapidly ​build, test and deploy digital payment solutions​ in a matter of weeks. HolyWally provides an easy-to-use wallet builder that allows a customer to create a custom wallet experience or choose from number of existing use cases, integrated with our Fintech partners and other service providers.​

Payment Apps

  • Digital Wallets 
  • Digital Lifestyle Apps 
  • Loyalty & Rewards Apps 
  • Digital Banking Apps
  • Digital Analytics Dashboards

Payment Modules

  • Digital Card Provisioning 
  • Digital Receipt
  • Contactless Payments (NFC) 
  • QR Code Payments 
  • Loyalty & Rewards 
  • Transaction Analytics 
  • Card Personalization 
  • Roundups 
  • Card Controls 


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Value Added Services

Creitive mobile screenshot of what a card in the wallet looks like