Revolupay: Empowering Global Transactions with Visa Direct

At Revolupay, we are dedicated to empowering our clients with cutting-edge financial and fintech solutions. As a Visa Direct Preferred Partner, Revolupay excels in facilitating cross-border fund transfers across 160+ countries. Our platform prioritizes speed and cost efficiency, ensuring seamless financial interactions for businesses and individuals. Leveraging our robust API, we provide a white-label solution for fintech businesses, enabling them to streamline financial transactions. Operating under the esteemed license of the Bank of Spain, we uphold the highest standards of security and compliance, ensuring that every transaction is conducted with the utmost transparency and reliability. Join us for swift, secure, and seamless global transactions with Revolupay.

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Visa Direct Preferred Partner


RevoluSend is RevoluPay‚Äôs cutting-edge solution for seamless cross-border fund transfers and P2P money transfer. Powered by Visa Direct technology and backed by RevoluPay's commitment to innovation and reliability, RevoluSend offers a streamlined and secure platform for transferring money globally. With RevoluSend, customers can now send funds directly to cards or accounts and receive them instantly.

Thanks to our extensive network of partners, recipients have the flexibility to receive funds in the way that suits them best. Whether it's card-to-account or card-to-card transfers, bank deposits, cash pick-up points, or even cash delivery, RevoluSend ensures convenience and accessibility for recipients worldwide.


Visa Direct Preferred Partner