Digital payment services made simple

Dejamobile is a Fintech providing white label secure digital payment solutions to allow a seamless and safer use of mobile devices for any kind of transactions : payments, gifting, mobility and loyalty.

In the Payment domain, Dejamobile provides 2 solutions:

  • ReadyToTap Payment for Issuers: tokenization as a service, Issuer Wallets (HCE SDK), OEM-Pay enablement
  • ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants: Tap-on-Phone / CPoC solution enabling easier and more affordable contactless payment acceptance as well as new in-store checkout use cases

Dejamobile is a worldwide leading expert in Digital Payments, NFC and Tokenization. Its solutions are certified by PCI and Payment Schemes. 

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Visa Ready Certified


Tokenization - TSP
Tap to Phone


ReadyToTap – Payment for Issuers
ReadyToTap – Payment for Merchants


ReadyToTap – Payment for Issuers

Reach out for more information on our ReadyToTap – Payment for Issuers solution.

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Tokenization - TSP


Mobile Client Application

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