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Support Visa and Visa customers with a flexible, secure, and inspirational Instant Financial Card Issuance solution. Fintech’s and financial institutions will be able to issue cards at the speed of life with the only single-source instant issuance solutions delivering industry-leading services and expert guidance.


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Instant Financial Issuance

Entrust offers the only single-source solution that promises the industry-leading services and expert guidance that allow you to elevate your cardholder's experience.

Solution Information

  • Instant Financial Issuance solutions including software subscriptions (Instant Issuance Software, Issuance Device Management) and managed services (help desk, fleet management, administrator).
  • Instant Financial Issuance solutions including card printers, software subscriptions, managed services, implementation services, initial supplies, and transaction services.
  • Supporting hardware including hardware security modules and PIN pads, as well as secure digital certificates including SSL and TLS.


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Value Added Services

Digital Card Solution

The Entrust Digital Card Solution enables I-TSP and TR-TSP for providing simple, unified NFC issuer Wallet and Digital Card features. We enable financial institutions to offer a fully digital and unified card experience, based on the latest Visa innovations. We are a member of the Visa Ready Digital Payments Token Service Provider (TSP) and the Token Requestor (TR) programs.


Our iTSP enables the CMS with Visa VTS tokenization, and to simplify the launch of digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay

Our TR-TSP allows financial institutions to transform their banking application into their own NFC payment app.


Use cases:

  • Digital card issuance in the banking app, provisioning to major wallets like google & apple pay
  • Secure transactions: NFC issuer wallet, tokenization, card alerts & controls, card & PIN display

Benefits of the Entrust Digital Card Solution:

A unique digital card experience

  • Provide a fully digital and unified card experience to your customers
  • Bring convenient instant digital card services
  • Accelerate card activation, realize and/or sustain top-of-wallet status

Leading innovations for bank apps

  • Offer latest digital card features and innovations directly in your mobile banking application
  • Accelerate client acquisition

 Simplified integration

  • One single SDK integration to support all digital card use cases with unique security (or via web integration)
  • Zero back-end integration possible
  • Reduce issuance and customer service costs, reduce fraud

A unified service, Complementary or stand-alone

  • Trust a mobile-first certified solution / experts
  • No need to assemble multiple heterogeneous components
  • Upgrade your existing bank app and card portfolio with our leading Digital Card Solution

The Entrust Digital Card Solution offers a secure, intuitive customer journey, from issuance, card management, to digital payments, that can be delivered through the bank’s branded, omni-channel experience.


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Token Service Provider (TSP), Token Requestor (TR)