Boldly Unique: Enhance the payment experience with Luxe fixed and mobile terminals

Equinox Payments looks beyond product features to rethink and reimagine the customer payment experience. The company is a leading provider of payment terminals, software and management systems. With over 30 years as an industry leader, Equinox has earned the reputation of being a trusted advisor and technology innovator that breaks the mold on solution design and usability.

Our approach is straight forward, personable and simple: we listen and build relationships where we assist our partners and customers to excel in the direction of their choice.

Experience the difference that our Luxe payment solutions deliver wherever payment takes place: At the checkout, in the aisles, at the table, or on the go.

The Luxe family of solutions shares a common software architecture and EMV kernels and management systems so applications run seamlessly across the platform. The OS uses standard HTML language, allowing developers to quickly and easily create, deploy and manage payment and value-added applications that work seamlessly together. The result is a flexible array of configurations and use cases that scale to meet the needs of SME and Enterprise businesses in any vertical market segment. 

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Luxe 8500i Retail Payment Solution


Luxe 8500i Retail Payment Solution

The Luxe terminal family delivers innovations in payment acceptance, customer engagement, and mobility. Businesses gain peace of mind with certified security technology including PCI PED 5.x and P2PE.

Rethink & Reimagine. The Luxe 8500i customer-facing payment terminal combines sleek design features with a smart and secure architecture that elevates the customer experience by turning the point of sale into an engaging point of interaction.

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Lux 8500i Retail Payment Solution

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Voyager on Luxe Version 1

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EMV Contactless

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