Intelligent data unification and orchestration system, delivering contextual engagement and personalized experiences.

Flybits enables card issuers to mobilize data, deliver relevance and build loyalty. Purpose-built for financial services companies, Flybits enables experience designers and marketers to nimbly orchestrate and augment customer data and provide context-informed cardholder interactions across each stage of the cardholder lifecycle. 


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Flybits powers card and payments personalization for innovative banks, credit unions and issuers. We do this through industry proven user experiences and data-led personalization, packaged in easy to implement solutions, including our Cardholder Lifecycle Management Solution: Flybits Cards empowers financial institutions to:

  1. Personalize the cardholder lifecycle from activation to retention and increasing spend at each lifecycle stage helping to ensure top of wallet status for your card products
  2. Enable a best-in-class cardholder experiences with out-of-the-box guided cardholder lifecycle packages
  3. Empower banks with a scalable cards framework across digital channels

Flybits Cards is an always-on solution that elevates cardholder experiences at every lifecycle stage, personalized for every moment. Delivering a remarkable customer experience, while driving business results across: Onboarding, Card Controls, Early Month on Book, Spend Stimulation, Cross-Sell, Up-Sell, Card Offers, Travel, Rewards and Benefits.

With Flybits you can launch a personalized cardholder lifecycle quickly with industry proven data-triggers, your existing tech stack, and proven out of the box Cardholder Lifecycle experiences.

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