FOO is a B2B SAAS and Software solution products

FOO will be providing payment solutions to address a flux of use cases in the Fintech world in our region. The solutions meet Visa's global standards around security and functionality and is integrated with Visa products as out of the box to ensure quick time to market.


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Digital Wallet Platform

The Digital Wallet Platform consists of a White Label App and a fully-fledged admin portal with the following modules: digital onboarding, card issuance, card controls in addition to different payment modules: tokenization, QR code Payments, and P2P.

FOO’s Wallet Platform is the shell and the container of different products. It provides the interface and the mechanism to interact with all the modules.

Products include:

Digital Onboarding Platform: used to digitally verify the identity of the user, retrieve the required eKYC and perform the proper AML/CFT check. This includes ID Scanning using Machine Readable Zone (MRZ), Liveness Detection and Customer Identity verification

Virtual Card Issuance Platform: enables instant issuance of virtual cards and/or requests for physical personalized cards. FOO’s VCN module is available through an Out of the Box integration with multiple major processors in numerous countries.

Payment Platform including QR code: supports EMVCo Standard QR payments, facilitating interoperability for open loop solutions, HCE tokenization module which can be enabled on any Android device. Also tokenization covers I-TSP and push provisioning. In addition to Peer to peer payments and top up modules

Card Management Module: enables managing card controls

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