Highnote is the world’s most modern card issuer processor and program management platform.

With an all-in-one platform and a fully integrated issuer processor built from scratch to address the use cases of today and tomorrow, Highnote gives you unparalleled control, flexibility, and speed.


Visa Ready

Card Issuance API Platform

Highnote offers a modern card issuer-processor platform built from the ground up and directly connected to Visa. Highnote’s developer-centric platform and developer tools are designed to fit into your environment and work seamlessly with your mobile and web products. Launch commercial and consumer prepaid, debit, credit, fleet, and charge cards with ease.

Full-stack Modular Program Management Built for Scale

Complementing Highnote’s most modern issuer-processor platform is our modular all-in-one program management capability. Highnote’s end-to-end program management means that KYC/KYB, compliance, risk and fraud monitoring, physical card fulfillment, ATM access, sponsor bank relationship, reconciliation and settlement, BIN setup, and cardholder support are all taken care of, so your teams can focus on building the most differentiated card product to drive maximum value for your business, and your customers and users.

Scalable General Ledger

Highnote’s immutable general ledger built on double-entry accounting framework gives your financial and operations team data the way they need it, without complicated spreadsheets or other patchwork database builds. Highnote’s ledger provides complete debit and credit entries for all transactions across all your financial accounts in a single source of truth. The scalable ledger significantly reduces the burden of reconciliation, statement generation and cardholder support on your teams and provides full visibility on money movement.

Rewards Built for the Future

Leveraging Highnote’s ledger technology, the rewards ledger gives you complete power and flexibility to build rewards programs that bring your dramatic vision to life for your customers and users. Whether you wish to integrate with third-party rewards networks or design your own custom rewards, the Highnote rewards ledger is one of the most advanced platform in the market.

Solution Information

Visa Credential and Card Support
Prepaid, Debit, Credit, Consumer, Small Business, Commercial, Fleet
In-Region Support Yes
PCI Compliance
Instant Funding / $0-Balance Transactions
Proprietary or Visa Access Control Server (ACS)
Risk-based Authentication (3DX 2.0)
Real-time Risk Scoring
Custom Fraud Rules
BIN Sponsor Connections
Program Management / End-to-End
Full-service Credit Program Management
Multi-currency Partitioning
Visa Value-added Services Integration
Other Value-added Services Integrations
Loyalty, Payment Gateways, eKYC

Testing and Environment Information

Solution Deployment
Tenancy Architecture
Multi-product / Multi-client / Multi-BIN
Comprehensive APIs
Sandbox Testing Environment
Highnote provides a test environment for all clients to build their integration. The platform includes the ability to simulation funds movement and transaction simulations for Auth, Clear, and Reversals. 
Uptime Availability in Region(s) 100%

Solution Support

Visa Token Service (VTS) Support Yes
Visa Direct Support
Visa QR Payments ("Scan to Pay" Support)
Customizable Authorization Decisioning
Custom, API-report options
Authorization Flow
Fully managed, Partially Managed
Incremental Authorization


Visa Ready


Issuer Processor