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i2c provides today’s product visionaries with the levels of reliability, scalability and breadth of payment features unmatched by legacy processors and next generation entrants. As a global provider of highly-configurable payment and banking solutions, i2c's proprietary "building block" technology allows clients to pick and choose products to create and manage a comprehensive set of solutions for credit, debit, prepaid, lending and more, quickly and cost-effectively – from a single, global SaaS platform. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, i2c's next-generation technology supports millions of users in more than 200 countries/territories across all time zones.

i2c Payments and Banking Services Platform

Create and launch a Visa program from your laptop or customize parameters for existing programs to individualize and capture new revenue and customers.

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Why i2C?


i2c allows companies to innovate to quickly deliver differentiated products that meet consumer expectations for customized, personalized, and on-demand experiences

  • Agile processing platform comprised of modules of payment and banking functionality
  • 100+ modules offer comprehensive breadth and depth of product solutions
  • One single global platform facilitates quick, seamless geographic expansion
  • Customer-centric architecture enables innovation at customer level and throughout customer lifecycle
  • Self-service design allows program managers to create new programs quickly themselves       


i2c ensures 100% reliability and availability on many levels:

  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • 2 redundant data centers
  • Ability to make system changes without downtime
  • New, leading-edge hardware every three years
  • Run on our own private cloud 

Solution Information

Category Issuer Processor
Visa Credential and Card Support
Credit: Consumer, Small Business, Commercial
Prepaid: Consumer, Small Business, Commercial
Debit: Consumer, Small Business
In-Region Support US, Canada, AP, CEMEA, LAC
PCI Compliance

Testing and Environment Information

Solution Deployment Private cloud
Tenancy Architecture
Multi-product / Multi-client / Multi-BIN
Comprehensive APIs Yes
Sandbox Testing Environment
All customers, all available transaction types
Uptime Availability in Region(s) 100%

Solution Support

Visa Token Service (VTS) Support Issuer Token Service Provider (I-TSP)
Visa Direct Support
Visa Next Lite Integration
Visa QR Payments ("Scan to Pay" Support) No
Customizable Authorization Decisioning Yes
Customizable, API-based
Authorization Flow
Fully Managed, Partially Managed
Incremental Authorization

Additional Solution Information

Instant Funding / $0-Balance Transactions Yes
Proprietary or Visa Access Control Server (ACS)
Risk-based Authentication (3DX 2.0)
Real-time Risk Scoring
Custom Fraud Rules
BIN Sponsor Connections
Program Management / End-to-End
Full-service Credit Program Management
Multi-currency Partitioning
Visa Value-added Services Integration
Visa Savings Edge
Other Value-added Services Integrations
Loyalty, eCommerce Gateway, eKYC


Fintech Fast Track, Visa Ready


Issuer Processor

i2c Installment Lending and BNPL Solutions

The installment loan market is growing quickly and demand for new “buy now, pay later” features have become a requirement for both traditional issuers and fintechs. To fill this need, i2c provides end-to-end lifecycle processing support with integrated front- and back-end capabilities to deliver customizable installment solutions that fit all client needs.

The i2c platform offers a wide range of installment lending capabilities aimed at delivering flexibility to issuers and program managers to craft the consumer or commercial installment experience that fits their use case.  Issuer and merchant-funded programs are supported, along with the pricing flexibility allowing issuers to set a fixed or variable interest rate based on a rate index.  Additionally, i2c offers the flexibility to create customer-specific installment plans to ensure the right installment is presented to the right customer at the right time.  

With the i2c platform, clients can create unique pre-, during and post-purchase installment experiences to fit any use case, as described below:

  • Pre-Purchase Installments: Stand-alone or card-linked installment loans that are approved pre-purchase allow clients to fund an installment loan account or issue a virtual/physical card to facilitate the transaction.\
  • During-Purchase Installments: Through i2c’s partnership with Visa, i2c issuers can leverage Visa Installment solutions to deliver BNPL offers in line with the merchant checkout experience at participating retailers.
  • Post-Purchase Installments: Enable cardholders the ability to convert a card transaction into an installment repayment plan after a purchase is made.

All installment capabilities are delivered through i2c’s modular platform architecture, providing thousands of pre-coded functions that can be rapidly configured into unique product solutions.  All capabilities are made available through the i2c white-labeled consumer web and mobile interfaces or via API based on client need.

Key i2C Platform Differentiators

Any Use Case

i2c supports all Installment flavors:

  • Pre / During / Post - Purchase
  • Card or non-card-based options
  • Configurable Installment Plans

Customer-Level Execution

  • On-demand customer enrollment
  • Customer-level installment program configurations
  • Configurable Open to Buy / Available Balance functionality

Merchant Integrated

  • Real-time POS enablement provided via integrated Visa Installment-enabled merchants
  • Available in any region Visa supports POS Installments   

Digital Native Experience

  • Real-time POS enablement provided via integrated Visa Installment-enabled merchants
  • Available in any region Visa supports POS Installments   

Any Card Product

  • Installment options available for all card-based products
  • Flexibility to create non-card-based products

Globally Available

  • All i2c platform features are deployed to a single, Global, code base enabling instant global scale
  • Single platform integration enables all Installment options (Revolving & non-Revolving)


Fintech Fast Track, Visa Ready


Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)