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Digital Banking solution, and End to End Credit and Lending management solution, Artificial Intelligence (AI)

All of JurisTech’s Solution are built on-top of our powerful, inhouse application server/framework known as Juris Application Server (JAS). JAS is an N-Tier Architecture that is highly scalable. In the simplest configuration, you just need a web browser client talking to the application server and database server. To cope with a larger load, Application servers and database servers can also be scaled horizontally, and a caching server installed to cache static objects such as images and javascript. For external internet access (if required), a reverse-proxy web server can be configured to work through a firewall De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) for additional security.

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Visa Ready: Fintech Partner Connect


Fintech Partner Connect: Digital Banking, Loan Origination, Loan Management, Debt Collection, Credit Admin, Digital On-Boarding, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine Learning, Chatbot 


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