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Juspay offers an end-to-end tech platform to simplify payments for billions of people globally. Its tech stack spans across the 3 layers of payments - experience, integration and cloud infrastructure. It gives merchants & retailers a native, fast and seamless payment experience while unifying diverse, complex payment options (cards, wallets, BNPL, RTP, bank transfers, rewards etc) across multiple payment facilitators, processors, gateways, networks, and geographies. The solution helps merchants improve conversion rates and reduce payment processing & operational costs.

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Juspay Card Tokenization
Juspay BNPL


Visa Ready: Juspay Card Tokenization
Juspay Card Tokenization in partnership with Networks enables Merchants to seamlessly transition from card-based payments to token-based payments in line with the latest RBI PA/PG guidelines on card storage.
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Tokenization - TR-TSP

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Visa Ready: Juspay BNPL

A suite of customizable, end-to-end solutions to take care of all your payment needs, including BNPL. Juspay stack handles over 30 million payments every day, processing an annualized TPV of more than USD 150Bn. It is built for scale, reliability and superior customer experience. Brief about our BNPL offerings:

  • Juspay can help merchants enable Visa installments Service (VIS) / BNPL without major integration effort. Juspay’s implementation of VIS is built using a new-age, on-cloud tech infrastructure to boost success rates with high reliability.
  • Unified BNPL: A highly customizable system to manage diverse BNPL instruments, and improve user experience and success rates. Our merchants can also leverage BNPL on retry-payment channel and boost success rates by recovering from failed card transactions
  • Open Credit Enablement Network enables Merchants to seamlessly access credit in a market place framework leveraging open data and real time payment rails
  • Card based EMI solutions: To enable Card based EMI (debit/credit)  across payment gateways and offline ecosystem and support Payment Ops: Manage end-to-end payment operations including analytics, reports, offers, discounts, payouts, refunds, reconciliation etc.
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