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Omnichannel communications via API

Visa issuers and acquirers can leverage omnichannel business communications APIs to deliver real-time, contextual and intelligent value added services to its customers. Our offering is available as APIs with our professional services teams for deployment support.

Partner Type

Visa Ready: Fintech Partner Connect


Fintech Partner Connect: Engagement

Fintech Partner Connect: Reducing Prepaid Declines


Fintech Partner Connect: Reducing Prepaid Declines

Reduce declines and delight customers with timely messages to avoid subscription declines.



Solution Information
A predictive messaging service for issuers that enables proactive alerts sent to customers to top up their accounts and avoid service disruption. 
  • Requires core banking and/or issuer processor integration
  • Can leverage Visa subscription identifier APIs
  • Requires PII incl. First Name and MSISDN
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