Card Tracking CRM that improves delivery, increases activation and optimizes the card's lifecycle

Kublau offers Visa clients a card monitoring platform that provides traceability during the shipping process and enables highly engaging interactions with cardholders once a card is shipped, and up to EMOB.

Visa introduces Kublau to issuing partners applying technology referral agreement points.

Partner Type

Visa Ready: Fintech Partner Connect


Fintech Partner Connect: Customer Acquisition, Account Opening, Card Management, Engagement


Fintech Partner Connect: Card Tracking CRM


Fintech Partner Connect: Card Tracking CRM

Card Tracking CRM that uses contextual (non-sensitive) information of shipped Cards to provide traceability and enable highly engaging interactions that improve delivery, increase activation (1st use) and optimize Card´s lifecycle.

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Customer Acquisition, Account Opening, Card Management, Engagement

Solution Information

Issuers have limited traceability and lack of communication with their clients since a Card is shipped, up to when it is activated, causing:

  • Lost revenue and customer (new and existing).
  • Wasted expenses (acquisition, issuance and shipping costs).
  • Limiting the life cycle and profitability of cards.

Thanks to Kublau, issuers can personalize the interactions with their clients creating triggered based notifications (email, SMS and web-hooks) that use contextual (non-sensitive) information and the Card tracking status.

By personalizing and timing the interactions with your clients, it is possible to effectively engage and influence their behavior, since the moment a Card is shipped, and up to EMOB.

Added to this, by being compatible with hundreds of couriers worldwide, Kublau is able to provide real-time traceability and facilitate problem resolution during the shipping process.



Generate conversions from each interaction with your customers

Kublau allows issuers to make the most out of every interaction with their clients facilitating the creation of multi-channel notifications (email, SMS and web-hooks) that provide information and offers that are relevant to each stage of the customer journey. All notifications can lead to unique ”action pages” that contain complementary information and that can trigger specific actions.

Some of the benefits of these notifications are:


  • Boost activation and set profitable spending habits.
  • Offer complementary products or services (cross-sell).
  • Educate clients on card´s benefits.
  • Allow client to report problems during delivery (i.e “wrong address” or “incorrect delivery”)
  • Generate statistics to optimize marketing campaigns.

Ensure the correct delivery through timely problem resolution 

Kublau centralizes and standardize the tracking information of all the courier the issuer works with, giving control and real-time traceability.

In order to facilitate proactive problem resolution, Kublau opens a ticket every time there's an incident reported either by the courier or by the Cardholder.

  • Increases activation rate (1st use)
  • Improves delivery efficiency
  • Incentivizes profitable spending habits
  • Reduces card attrition
  • Increases level of engagement of interactions with clients
  • Create additional sales channels (email & SMS)
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Facilitates problem resolution during shipping process
  • Web-hook availability
  • Easily create effective EMOB campaigns

Integration method 

  • API
  • CSV (batch upload, doesn’t require any tech integration)

Additional comments

  • No sensitive or PCI compliant information is uploaded to Kublau
  • Kublau's proprietary tech is compatible with most couriers worldwide
  • Implementing Kublau doesn’t interfere or modify the Issuer's current operations or commercial relations with couriers
  • Kublau can be integrated with other CRMs and messaging providers
Kublau personalized chat screen on a mobile device
Kublau personalized chat screen on a mobile device
Kublau workflow for how to use their solutions

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