Mennica Polska, employs a strategy of balancing modern and traditional products, and actively operates in the segment of electronic payments, where we implement and servicing fare collection systems in public transport using city cards and contactless payment cards. This development activity is a new evolution segment of Mennica Polska. Traditionally Mennica Polska S.A. is a leading producer and distributor of mint and engraving and medal-making products in Poland, as well as an outstanding player in this segment on global markets. 

In transit, Mennica Polska is a leader in Poland in the field of implementation, service and development of city card systems. In its activities Mennica Polska focuses on the city services market and particularly on the public transport market. The basic products and services in the field of electronic payments are:

- Implementation of ICT systems for city card management and for sale of city services (mainly public transport tickets) based on contactless cards,

    - Implementation and management of the sales networks for electronic products based on diversified distribution channels: POS terminals, ticket vending machines, e-commerce, mobile payments,

    - Implementation of payment systems in public transport using contactless payment cards directly in vehicles – the so-called Open Payment System,

    - Distribution of public transport tickets in electronic form, where the ticket identifier is a contactless city card or a contactless payment card,

    - Distribution of top-ups for pre-paid GSM mobile phones.

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Cashless Ticketing System by Mennica Polska S.A.




Cashless Ticketing System by Mennica Polska S.A.

Cashless Ticketing System provided by Mennica Polska S.A.

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