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Moneris is Canada’s largest provider of innovative payment solutions for mobile, online and in-store commerce.

We serve businesses of every size and industry and Moneris offers hardware, software and solutions to help transform the way businesses grow and operate, in payments and beyond. With our innovative solutions, transit authorities using Moneris’ Open Payments for Transit can accept debit and credit transactions for fare payment. Moneris was the first payments processor in Canada to offer debit and credit Open Loop Payments for transit.

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Visa Ready: Transit - Gateway

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Moneris’ Open Loop Payments for Transit Installments by Visa


Moneris’ Open Loop Payments for Transit

Moneris processes contactless transactions for transit authorities with an open loop payment solution. Transit authorities using Moneris’ Open Payments for Transit can accept debit and credit transactions for fare payment. By adding Moneris’ open loop payments solution to a transit authorities existing fare collection system, they can provide their riders with more convenient and accessible contactless payment options. 

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Transit - Gateway

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Payment Gateway

Mass Transit API

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*Additional VAS solutions provided via transit solution integrators

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Installments by Visa

Moneris is now offering the Installments by Visa solution to its merchants which allows their consumers to use their existing eligible credit card at checkout to split the purchase into equal monthly installments. Consumers want flexibility and choice when making payments which is why Moneris is offering installment acceptance options for Canadian businesses. 

This solution offers merchants:

  • Consistent consumer journeys – Whether it is an online checkout or an in-store purchase, consumers get a consistent experience
  • Optimized conversion – Reduce checkout steps to increase conversion and drive average order value
  • Expanded reach - Single integration with potential for wide reach spanning multiple verticals
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