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1-click AI-based financial risk decisioning technology using human data

Using the first ever Human Data Science™ solution, Neener is a 1-click AI-based financial risk decisioning technology for credit risk assessment. Neener has cracked the code on Small Data to reduce Defaults by an average 15%, and Recapture Rejections by an average 22% without increasing lending risk. Just 1-click. With Visa’s vast network of clients and partners, Visa and Neener will work together to safely decrease rejections with modern technology.

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Fintech Partner Connect: Acquisition, Alternative Scoring

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Fintech Partner Connect: Neener

By cracking the code on Small Data, we can recapture on average 22% of your rejections without increasing your current acceptable risk threshold.

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Acquisition, Alternative Scoring

Solution Information

What if you could sit each customer down with a psychologist and just ask them, “Are you really going to pay us back?”  Because that’s the question, right? The question is not can they. That’s easy to figure out. The question is WILL they. 

So, we’ve developed an AI-based financial risk decisioning technology using social media or any media used socially to help lenders better decision and understand specific, individual, risk outcomes for thin-file, no-file and credit challenged consumers. This is 1-click AI-based financial risk decisioning technology using Small Data.  In 1-click, it’s like that consumer sitting down with that psychologist and revealing everything you need to know to understand if they will pay you back. 

  • Alternative Data

  • 1 -click for the consumer OR a short Chat with ARIA (our AI)

  • Worlds first Small Data solution

  • Highly accurate Human Data Science™

  • Decisions +97% of 18 – 54year olds

  • We deliver binary Outcomes, not “scores” or “behaviors” 

  • Average Rejection Recapture: 22%

  • Average Default Reduction: 15%

  • <15minutes to install

  • Can be delivered: Web, Mobile, SMS, Chat, Email, WhatsApp, QR Code, APP, and even Postal

  • Easy to test. Free options available

  • Already being used in LATAM

  • It works every time

The fact is that the center of everything you do is literally about trying to “predict the future.” However, current systems that are supposed to give you that visibility are at best limited, mostly unreliable, and at worst can’t decision the “invisible” consumer. This was critical before Covid, and in the post-Covid world it is even more so. 

Better decisioning thin-file, no-file, the credit challenged and increasing Financial Inclusion, is not a “data” problem. It’s a “Human” problem. Lender’s don’t want to know if the consumer’s “data” is going to pay them back . . .they want to know if the CONSUMER is going to. Which is why we have pioneered Human-Data and created the branch called Human Data Science™.  

If you’d like to see how easy it is to get thousands of new, good borrowers or even understand if your current borrowers are going to pay you . . . Visa will be happy to connect us, and we’d love to demo for you and show you the power of Small Data.

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