Leveraging advanced AI techniques and semantic understanding to comprehend complex unstructured documents like humans do

KDP automates the onboarding process for companies in the Financial Services industry (mainly banks and insurers) by intelligent document processing, reducing times to new clients from an average of 30 days to a few minutes, offering a better end-customer experience.



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KDP Client Onboarding

Knowledge Discovery Platform (KDP) leverages advanced AI techniques, such as deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and semantic understanding to comprehend any type of document just like humans do.

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Solution Information

KDP Client Onboarding digitizes complex documents such as Credit Applications, Sales Statements, Power of Attorney, Corporate & Property Registrations, amongst others.

KDP Flow chart of solution

With KDP customers can:

  • Optimize time to on-board new clients to less than a day leading to improved customer experience
  • Reduce their cost to onboard new clients from $35-$40K by 10%-20%
  • Grow in revenue through net new client acquisition and retention of existing clients


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