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Nuclei is a SaaS platform helping the banks engage their customers by powering a lifestyle marketplace of 15+ categories across travel, utility payments, donations etc. on its mobile application. Nuclei is working closely with Visa to offer this solution to Visa partner banks and add value to their customers. Nuclei is also offering a special pricing for Visa’s customers as a value add.


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Lifestyle Marketplace

Lifestyle Marketplace



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Nuclei’s marketplace enables the banks increase engagement on their app by providing customers access to transact across 15+ lifestyle categories like flights, hotel, events & experiences, utility payments, etc. seamlessly through their banking application. Our plug & play solution helps banks to capture their customers’ digital lifestyle and deepen their relationship with the customers by providing these value-added services. Through increased activity on the app, banks also gets enabled to cross-sell multiple financial & non-financial products to the customers through the digital platforms.

Through a single integration with Nuclei, banks can go live with all the categories within 6-8 weeks 


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