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PAX Technology, Inc. is one of the fastest-growing electronic payment solution providers in the world and has distribution in over 120 countries with an installed base of over 50 million terminals. PAX is dedicated to offering innovative, cost-effective, and superior quality payment solutions to businesses worldwide. PAX provides both full-integration and semi-integration SDKs for software developers to integrate electronic payments in many business applications. PAX is leading the way to cleaner payments by offering contactless features such as contactless-enabled payment, facial recognition, and an integrated QR code reader. PAX offers a complete line of products including Android, mPOS, mobile terminals, countertop terminals, customer-facing interactive terminals, self-service kiosks, unattended outdoor payment terminals, all-in-one ECR, etc. for any type of merchants. 

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Visa Ready Certified


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Tap to Pay: Tap to Pay Optimal POS Solution
mPOS: D195
mPOS: D200
mPOS: D210
mPOS: D190


Tap to Pay Optimal POS Solution

A complete line of payment solutions including hardware, software, and SDK to make integrated electronic payments easy for any merchant.

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Tap to Pay

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PAX Technology, Inc.

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Payment application: PAX BroadPOS Payment Application

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EMV Contactless

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Magstripe (Swipe)


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