Card Linked Offers Platform, rewarding Visa cardholders.

We work with banks and fintech's to engage and reward customers using our award-winning card-linked offers platform. Excite and delight your customers with a wide range of merchant-funded offers available through PokitPals secure APIs. Qualifying transactions are received from Visa and processed instantaneously before communicating to customers that they have earned cashback or points.


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VOP PokitPal Card Linking

PokitPal uses data captured from Visa to enrich consumer insights and influence future buying behaviours in real-time. PokitPal’s integration with Visa simplifies and automates the settlement of rewards between retailers and consumers online & in-store.

Key Benefits

  • PokitPal's integration with Visa eliminates the need for loyalty cards and POS Integrations. Our SaaS-based solution is cloud-based, scalable, and accessed through APIS. 
  • Customer segmentation and geo-fencing capability enable PokitPal to deliver personalized alerts to customers informing them of nearby relevant offers. Our card-linked rewards platform supports both credit and debit cards, eliminating the need for loyalty cards. Attract and reward consumers in real-time when they shop online or in a physical store.


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Value Added Services

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