The modern way of proving identity with just a phone.

Prove is the modern way for businesses to verify consumer identities with just a phone number. Using phone-centric solutions, Prove enables its business customers to acquire new consumer clients and engage with their existing consumer clients by removing friction while also enhancing privacy and bolstering security through modern authentication and verification methods.

Prove’s Phone Identity Network helps companies mitigate fraud while accelerating revenue and reducing operating costs across all channels.


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Prove Pre-Fill

Powered by Prove’s award-winning identity verification technology, Prove Pre-Fill empowers brands to increase secure loyalty account enrollment by eliminating manual account registration and pre-filling application forms with verified information. This solution enables consumers to opt into pre-filling registration forms securely and with ease. Brands benefit by driving loyalty accounts while also preventing fraud.

  • Auto-filling enrollment forms with bank-grade data from authoritative sources, and always with consumer consent, supports fraud prevention while also enhancing the customer experience by simplifying and streamlining it
  • 80% fewer fields for potential customers to fill out 


Visa Ready


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