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The modern way of proving identity with just a phone

Prove is the modern way for businesses to verify consumer identities with just a phone number. Using phone-centric solutions, Prove enables its business customers to acquire new consumer clients and engage with their existing consumer clients by removing friction while also enhancing privacy and bolstering security through modern authentication and verification methods.

Prove’s Phone Identity Network™  helps companies mitigate fraud while accelerating revenue and reducing operating costs across all channels. 

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Prove Pre-Fill


Prove Pre-Fill

Accelerate revenue while mitigating fraud across mobile, desktop, tablet, contact center, and in-store channels.

Powered by Prove’s Phone Identity Network (PIN), Prove Pre-Fill expedites the digital onboarding process by pre-populating a form with verified identity information tied to a phone number, while mitigating fraud. Pre-Fill enables a Client to streamline account opening and registrations while creating a seamless user experience.

  • Auto-fills online applications with bank-grade data from authoritative sources
  • Authenticates consumer identities to thwart account opening fraud such as synthetic identity fraud
  • Consumers benefit from a faster, easier & more secure sign-up process, and information is only auto-filled with their consent
  • 80% fewer keystrokes
  • 70% reduction in false positives
  • Leverages the PRO Model™ of Identity Authentication & Verification (Phone Possession, Phone Reputation and Phone Number Ownership checks all available as Standalone APIs)
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