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Ridango is a global mobility technology provider, with a focus on ticketing, payments and real-time systems. Being one of the most proven ABT and contactless EMV acceptance providers for public transport globally, Ridango has successfully executed projects around the world. Solutions are being used by more than 110 agencies and the group operates systems in more than 25 countries. Ridango was the first in Nordics to bring contactless EMV payments into public transport (Skane, Sweden).

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Transit Payment System

Transit Payment System is designed to be used as an add-on system to operate contactless EMV based ticketing independent of the in-vehicle or ticketing systems. Customers can use this solution for processing contactless payment card taps from EMV compatible transit terinals. The solution implements all needed transit transaction processes - tap processing, aggregated transactions, deny list management, debt recovery, clearing. The solution is integrated with different acquiring services. 

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Transit - Back Office

Transit - Payment Gateway

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