Sfey Pay

Sfey simplifies digital payments for mobility services

Sfey leads the charge in transforming urban mobility transactions. Their mission is to simplify digital payments for mobility services, improving global accessibility and convenience.

Specializing in providing the payment infrastructure for customers to process their payments securely and effectively, Sfey empowers cities to seamlessly accept open loop payments for transportation, EV charging, and micro-mobility services.

Their innovative platform enables effortless integration into city systems, whether implementing new infrastructure or upgrading existing ones. Believing in the transformative power of contactless payments, they're committed to fostering sustainability, efficiency, and equity in society. By driving the adoption of contactless payment technologies for public services globally, they're paving the way for a more sustainable urban future. Together with their partners, they envision a world where urban mobility is not only convenient but also environmentally friendly, inclusive, and equitable.


Visa Ready

Sfey Transit Payment System (TPS)

Solution Information

Sfey Transit Payment System (TPS) is designed to be used as an add-on system to operate cEMV based ticketing independent of the in-vehicle or ticketing systems.

Customers can use the solution for processing contactless payment card taps from EMV compatible terminals.

TPS implements all transit transaction processes based on VISA and Mastercard rules. The solution is integrated with numerous acquiring services.

It has been designed to simplify public transit payments for all parties involved.


Visa Ready


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