Slim CD

Slim CD payment gateway

Slim CD provides a suite of products for Omni-Commerce merchant payment processing.  The SLIM CD payment gateway also includes an integrated product suite that includes the “Slim CD for PC, “SlimCD for iPhone”, “SlimCD for Android”, Web-based Virtual Terminal, Hosted Payment Pages, an Invoicing System, a shopping cart, End-to-End encryption services, cloud-based tokenization and data storage, a customer database, and fraud detection services. The Slim CD for PC desktop applications run on any personal computer with internet connectivity.   

Supported industries include Retail, Lodging, Auto Rental, Pharmacy, Restaurant, Phone Order and Mail Order.  Slim CD’s solutions support PIN Pads and card swipe/dip/tap devices.  Slim CD’s Developer Tools include semi-integrated EMV solutions, PA-DSS elimination techniques, and PCI-DSS scope reduction with its variety of APIs for payment processing.  Slim CD’s EMV LINK allows cloud-based EMV processing from cloud/web/mobile and Slim CD supports a variety of EMV devices for PC and mobile.


Visa Ready

Slim CD - Suite of products for merchants

SLIM CD’s suite of end-user products for PC, WEB, Mobile that allow merchants to easily accept payments.  Tap, Dip, Swipe supported in all products.

All in one Omni-Channel solutions for Web, PC, Mobile, Invoicing, Hosted Payment Pages, Online Cart. Supports Chip, Swipe, Tap. Credit/Debit/Gift/Checks. Card-Present and Card-Not-Present. PCI Scope Reduction with encryption/tokenization

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Solution Information

Category Tap to Pay
Device Manufacturer Verifone
Device Model MX915/MX925
Application Name and Version SLIM CD 7.0

EMV Information

EMV Contactless Yes
EMV Chip Yes
Magstripe (Swipe) Yes


Letter of Approval Level 1 Yes
Letter of Approval Level 2 Yes
Acquirer Level 3 Certification Letter Yes


Visa Ready


Tap to Pay