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Enriching transaction data for a better customer experience

Snowdrop Solutions Merchant Reconciliation System ™ (MRS) enables issuers to provide enriched transaction details to their consumers, improving user experience whilst decreasing outreach to customer support channels.

MRS is a data enrichment solution built as an API with ease of integration in mind. MRS scheme agnostic and capable of handling all forms of transaction data.

MRS works every time a consumer makes a purchase and provides the merchant's name, logo, website, address, categorization, contact details and additional datapoints.

The solution does not require any personally identifiable information nor have an impact on the payment processing flow.

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Merchant Details

Provide additional context for a given transaction with merchant details including address, website and contact information.

Enriched Push Notifications

Provide users with accurate data on a push notification and quickly help users identify a fraudulent transaction and reduce subsequent fraud from taking place.

Statement Transaction Enrichment

Enrich your traditional bank statement with clean merchant names, logos and category icons for transactions.

Personal Finance Management

Show users how they spend their money by category, location or merchant name.

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