Softpay Logo is a provider of Tap to Phone and CPOC solutions. We are focused on evolving the legacy payment terminal and provide card payment acceptance to merchants, thereby improving the payment experience. We provide certified end-to-end solutions and partner with banks, acquirers, POS vendors and merchants to bring the best solutions in the market.

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Partner Type

Visa Ready


Tap to Phone





Softpay is a Tap to Phone solution which can be branded and whitelabelled for partners. It supports on-screen PIN capture and works with both regular payment cards and mobile wallets, such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc.

The mobile application can run both as stand alone or integrated. We provide an extensive API and SDK for merchants and partners which makes it easy to integrate to POS solutions, and allow new payment scenarios. Softpay has a large number of POS vendors already integrated and we can rapidly integrate with new acquirers and payment partners.

Solution Information

Type of Solution    
Full Solution/White Label 

Solution Type
Full-payment or white label app


Hardware Compatibility
Compatible with all Mobile Devices

Operating System Compatibility
Android 8.0 and above

Security Capabilities

PIN - Yes
Manual PAN Key Entry - No
Receipts - Yes
Signature - No

Security Mechanism
Software Hardened Solution


Operating Countries