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SONDA S.A. has extensive and proven experience oriented towards the client

SONDA is the main Latin American network of Information Technology (IT) services, characterized by a deep vocation for service, a wide range of solutions and a solid financial position.

We are an independent service provider, with world-class credentials and certifications. We choose the most appropriate technology and services to solve our clients' business challenges.

We have participated in hundreds of technological projects that have made us protagonists of the development and modernization of public and private organizations in our region.

Our Transportation Solutions Service division designs and implements projects related to intelligent transportation solutions, a market in which we have positioned ourselves as one of the main players in the region, which is based on the experience of projects developed in the cities of Santiago de Chile, Panama City, 23 of the 26 states of Brazil, highlighting the IT solutions for Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza and Belen, San Salvador, Guatemala City, Valparaiso and Buenos Aires, as well as Portugal in Europe, together with a deep knowledge of the problems and challenges that public transport presents in Latin America. Likewise, knowledge of the technological tools that have been incorporated into transportation systems and the ability to propose improvements based on trends in this industry and the state of the art of technologies, have allowed us to strengthen the solutions developed, ensuring that we maintain an adequate level of costs, in order to offer competitive solutions from an economic point of view.

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Recaudo SONDA Backend

SONDA Back End have two SubSystem: SONDA ABT back office and Smart Transport Central System

Terminal convertss coard PAN to token, at scheduled time terminal sends all stored transactions to Smart Transport Central System, it processes risk managmeent check and register transactions to transport card account. Smart transport sends transctiont to SONDA ABT back office. Amount is calculated in SONDA ABT back office, at the end of the day is processed card clearing and sent to external processing center.

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