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Increase card usage and transaction volume by providing cardholders a way to instantly add or update cards online.

Visa Ready Fintech participant, Certified PCI Compliant, part of Visa projects to provide token and bill payment services.

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Visa Ready: Fintech Partner Connect


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New payment flows, Engagement

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CardUpdatr App

CardUpdatr operates as a web and mobile application and is embedded within your existing banking website or mobile applications. There are two options when embedding CardUpdatr within your existing website:

  • Embedded: The easiest method is utilizing an iFrame within your existing site or application to host the CardUpdatr functionality. CardUpdatr provides for styling overrides when embedded within your existing site or application. This allows CardUpdatr to blend seamlessly into your existing brand.
  • Single Sign On: While this option does require a technical integration it provides a much better user experience because the user is authenticated by your website before CardUpdatr use within your application. When the user is authenticated, your site or application passes the cardholder card details and cardholder address information directly to CardUpdatr removing the manual data entry by the cardholder.

The CardUpdatr app is for web and mobile devices, 100% issuer branded and hosted by Strivve. Autonomous browser technology performs the card updates on the cardholder’s selected e-commerce sites and saves it on their behalf. The entire process of updating payment information online is carried out instantly.

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CardSavr Platform Services

CardSavr Platform is a fully PCI-DSS compliant cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) API platform. When utilizing CardSavr, issuers can optionally choose to leverage Strivve’s CardUpdatr user interface components for low-effort “drop-in” user experience. For custom cardholder journeys, SDKs are provided for API integration. Available SDKs include Java, JavaScript, .Net, or direct REST API calls.

Strivve’s CardSavr Service is a Software As A Service (SaaS) for Card Issuers which securely places payment cards on merchant sites as chosen by their cardholders. It uses Remote Process Automation (RPA) to perform these push-provisioning online card placement operations in real-time, with full control and invoked by the issuers’ cardholders.

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