Tecsomobi Fabrica de Software e Inteligencia Digital Ltda

Tecsomobi is a Brazilian-based company specializing in hardware and software design, development, maintenance, and operation. With headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Tecsomobi focuses on enhancing public transportation by offering cutting-edge solutions.

Tecsomobi has provided a Contactless EMV solution for public transportation, enabling passengers to make secure payments. Notably, Tecsomobi processes payments from major local card brands, including Visa.

Tecsomobi's commitment to innovation is transforming the way public operators interact with public transportation, making it more convenient and efficient.


Visa Ready

Tmob EMV transit backoffice

Tmob EMV transit backoffice allows transit operators to accept payments with contactless EMV cards, smart phones or smart devices. It is a centralized system operated by the transit operators and it is responsible for account and card management, transaction processing, reporting and front-end validator management, according to business rules of transit operators.


Visa Ready


Back Office