Terminal Technologies Group (MULTIPAS LLC)

We develop and manufacture VENDOTEK contactless validators and POS-terminals

Terminal Technologies Group (Multipas LLC) is a leading innovative developer of contactless ticket validators, founded in 2004.

More than 70,000 VENDOTEK T compact ticket validators with touch-screen and contactless card readers are used in automated fare collection systems in Europe, Asia, and Russia. More than 20,000 VENDOTEK V POS-terminals accept payments by cards and NFC devices in vending machines, self-service kiosks, and autonomous services. Our R&D and production center is located in Zelenograd.


Visa Ready



VENDOTEK T is a compact contactless ticket validator for transport. Our 3.5-inch device accepts EMV Bank and transport cards, NFC devices, and QR codes. Designed specifically for use in Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) systems. More than 70,000 VENDOTEK T touch-screen validators and bank card readers are used in transport worldwide. For the price of 1 standard validator, you can install 3 or 4 VENDOTEK T at all doors in buses or subway turnstiles.

Solution Information

Components Included in Solution Terminal 
Visa Ready Mass Transit Models MTT, KFT

Terminal Details

Name and Version
T2100 T2100-00-00 5.1
Uses Entry/Exit Terminal
Back Office Compatibility

O-CITY (bpcbillet) - Back Office -

BPC Software Labs BV


Visa Ready