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Thales Banking and Payments Services serves over 3,000 Banks, Fintechs, PSPs and Merchants globally. Our decades of experience and technical expertise allow us to secure and deliver more than 1 billion payment cards annually, manage +150 million digital cards through our cloud platforms and have enabled more than 2 billion eCommerce transactions. We enable issuers to design the most up-to-date card and payment experience in real-time, quickly launch modern card-issuing programs, and unlock new use cases for their end-users. Merchants and PSPs rely on us for secure network tokenization, and we help Fintechs to bring new innovative services to market.

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Fintech Partner Connect: Digital First Card Issuance - Virtual, Digital, and Physical Cards

Thales with its strong expertise in the digital and physical payment worlds is the best partner to support Fintechs in their rapid deployment. Whatever the development stage Thales has the right offer to support the Fintech’s business worldwide.

We offer a one-stop-shop for all services for Fintechs, focused on simplicity, flexibility and speed.

Digital First by Thales is an end-to-end issuance solution enabling Financial Institutions to leverage their existing assets and offer an optimized mobile-first digital experience to their customers.

Our technology is based on a proven SaaS platform that uses our existing connections for card personalization and tokenization services. It brings together digital & physical card issuance, virtual card display, payment and tokenization, and digital PIN delivery. All in a simple service. Giving full control to your customers.

Regarding the issuance of the physical card, we developed a tailor-made program for digital players that need a fast and easy card rollout program. We provide wide range of differentiating card designs, packaging options and optimize your time to market.

Why choose Thales?

THALES provides simplified framework agreement, modern issuing platform and worldwide footprint supporting Fintech need for speed and scale.

Our Digital First platform brings unique benefits:

  • APIs at the level of end-user experience, to grandly simplify the integration of use-cases into the mobile app
  • Advanced built-in digitization service and direct integration with issuing processors to cut project timeline by 40%
  • Full issuance services, integrated and ready to use, plus the ability to easily add-on value-added services such as KYC, SCA…
  • PCI certification and GDPR compliancy for the entire platform
  • Furthermore, Thales already delivered its tailor-made programme to 35 digital players in the world and 37 million physical payments cards to Fintechs’ cardholders over 2020.


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Value Added Services

Thales TSH Pay Token Requestor / Thales D1 Pay

Thales D1 Pay offers the possibility for Visa issuers to enable NFC payment functionality within their Mobile Banking Application. This can be seen as the primary mobile payment method to End Users or complementary to what OEMPay are proposing. This service is only available on NFC enabled Android phones. It relies on Android HCE (host card emulation) protocol combined with sophisticated software and cloud-based security functions.


Thales D1 Pay supports the following Business Services:

Card digitization, replenishment of payment keys, payment at point of sale, and the Digital Card life cycle management.


Visa Ready


Token Service Provider (TSP), Token Requestor (TR)