Thought Machine

The Foundations of Modern Banking

Thought Machine has developed the foundational layer of modern banking. Its cloud native core banking engine, Vault, is trusted and used by leading banks and financial institutions around the world – including JPMorgan Chase, Intesa Sanpaolo, Lloyds Banking Group, Standard Chartered, ING, Atom bank, Curve and more.

Vault has been written from scratch as an entirely cloud native platform and gives banks full control to build any product required to flourish in a rapidly changing world. 

Thought Machine is currently a team of more than 500 people spread across offices in London, New York, Singapore, Sydney, and Melbourne, and has raised more than $340m in funding.


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Thought Machine built Vault – the foundation layer of modern banking. It enables banks to remain competitive and flourish into the future. The Vault platform has been built from scratch as a cloud native technology and is completely cloud agnostic. This gives banks total flexibility to choose the hosting option and provider that best meets their needs.

With the benefits of a technology stack built on the Vault platform, banks can transform and build the bank of the future. They can leave behind the old world of legacy technology, including product silos and monolithic architectures.

The new world, powered by Thought Machine, offers functional design for banks, a configurable platform and customer products. A microservices architecture delivers increased resilience, horizontal scaling and more efficient product development.


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