TransUnion is a global information and insights company that makes trust possible in the modern economy.

We do this by providing an accurate and comprehensive picture of each person so they are reliably and safely represented in the marketplace. As a result, businesses and consumers can transact with confidence and achieve great things. We call this Information for Good.


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TransUnion Value Added Services

Risk Solutions

CreditVision Risk Score CreditVision Risk Score gives you a more complete view of a consumer’s behavior over time. By leveraging enriched trended credit data — including actual payment amounts, balance, and utilization trends — you can better predict future behavior to make smarter decisions on whom to engage and retain.
CreditVision Link A one-stop-shop solution capable of credit scoring millions of previously unscorable new-to-credit Filipino adults using alternative and trended credit data.

Digital Onboarding Solutions

Digital Onboarding A smooth, unified, digital onboarding experience your customers can complete in one sitting.

Reporting and Analytics Solutions

TruValidate TruValidate offers an accurate and comprehensive view of each consumer by linking proprietary data, personal data, device identifiers and online behaviors to manage and prevent fraud and verify identity through a host of solutions.
Triggers An account monitoring, event processing and alerting system. Triggers also allow users to monitor existing customers for changes on their credit profile and in credit behavior.
Skip Trace A comprehensive report containing all contact information of a specific consumer — up to 99 contact numbers, emails and addresses - used in collections to trace ‘missing’ debtors and to boost contact rates on portfolios.
Income Estimator An income scoring model to help financial institutions infer anexisting consumer’s annual income using bureau data and can be used as a second opinion on bureau hit applications, infer outdated income information, and as an additional tool for verification and fraud checking.
Portfolio Review A powerful tool for monitoring and actioning on portfolio changes (positive and negative) that allows for a better understanding of consumer credit standing over time, at a total level and consumer level.
Industry Ranking Index (IRI) Reports Three reports which can be subscribed to individually, focusing on new booking, portfolio and delinquency trends. These management reports provide statistics and ranking with respect to industry competitors.
Proactive Analytics Make better decisions and drive profitable growth with access to a range of data and analytical expertise.


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Value Added Services