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TrueAccord is the industry leading collections & recovery platform powered by machine learning and a human-friendly digital experience.

TrueAccord provides Visa issuers an industry-leading, issuer-branded digital collection solution that boosts recovery, retains consumers, and transforms the economics of your call center. The TrueAccord solutions personalize the collections and recovery experience, driving higher engagement, and repayment commitment by individually tailoring every stage of the customer journey.

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Fintech Partner Connect: Card Management, New Payment Flows, Engagement

Fintech Partner Connect: TrueAccord Retain


TrueAccord Retain

Retain is an issuer-branded solution (first party) that harnesses the power of machine learning and digital channels to improve collection performance. Retain lowers roll rates and charge-off rates, reduces loan loss reserves, and enables more efficient use of call center staff.

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