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The no-code toolset for suspicious activity

Unit21 is Visa Fintech Fast Track’s chosen partner for transaction and event monitoring, identity verification, and case management. We have a modular system that is used by existing Visa companies like Chime and Rayo.

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Visa Ready: Fintech Partner Connect
Fast Track Partner
Card Issuance


Card Issuance: Security/Compliance
Fintech Partner Connect: Fraud, KYC, Anti-Money Laundering


Card Issuance: Security/Compliance
Fintech Partner Connect: Transaction Monitoring


Card Issuance: Security/Compliance

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Operating System and AML

Operating Countries


Fintech Connect: Transaction Monitoring

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Fraud, KYC, Anti-Money Laundering

Solution Information

Transaction Monitoring

Unit21 provides sophisticated transaction monitoring to ensure you have ultimate control and visibility over all suspicious events occurring on your platform.

At the base of this monitoring system is a series of built-in scenarios that are the basis of the rules you will be building and running against your transactions. Unit21 also provides sets of comprehensive pre-configured out-of-the-box rules so you can hit the ground running. Unit21’s transaction monitoring product gives risk and compliance teams the control to make rule adjustments, reduce engineering resources, and decrease false positive rates.

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