uqudo is one of the most innovative digital identity companies in the MEA region. uqudo’s mission is to develop cross-border and cross-industry digital ecosystems where the user is in control of their data. Building an inclusive, trustworthy and sustainable internet of everything for all people and the planet, uqudo is aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainability Development goals to provide legal identity for all.

With an award-winning platform, uqudo pushes the innovation and global adoption of standards for onboarding and digital identity, driving digital transformation at a global scale with a focus on trust-worthy data sharing. Additionally, uqudo has been the recipient of numerous awards from the European Union, the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

uqudo adopts advanced digital identity technology including biometrics, certified 3D liveness detection, NFC-based passport reading, cognitive document analysis, AI and blockchain. This enables users to experience a fast, secure and frictionless onboarding process whilst protecting the organization from fraudulent activities and simultaneously ensuring the organizations are fully compliant with KYC, AML and CDD regulations.


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