Vayapay B.V.

Vayapay is a payment service provider (PSP) that creates a frictionless payment experience for urban mobility.

Vayapay is a payment service provider (PSP) that creates a frictionless payment experience for urban mobility. Our gateways process transactions for transit, card present and online /in-app payment.

The Vayapay Smart Payment Platform is a modern, API-based, cloud-based solution connecting (contactless) EMV readers, with ticketing logic back offices and global and domestic acquirers. The platform is manageable using Vayapay’s web portals and existing customer business logic.

Vayapay designed the Smart Payment Platform to manage complex mobility payments omnichannel, providing the best traveler experience. Its references are among the most innovative transit organisations found in Europe.

Vayapay was founded in August 2020. The founders combine 40 years of experience in developing payment and mobility solutions. In Vayapay, a team of payment experts works on frictionless payment for urban mobility in offices in the Netherlands and Sweden.


Visa Ready Solution

Vayapay Smart Payment Platform

The cloud-based Vayapay Smart Payment Platform has been designed with mobility in mind. The PCI-certified solution works for all transit ticketing scenarios, from Know Fare Transaction (KFT), Pay As You Go (PAYG) with or without capping or concessions to Account-Based Ticketing and ID-based Ticketing.


The Vayapay Smart Payment Platform aggregates purchased travel rights across channels into a master profile (anonymous or known customer). Online subscriptions, In-app purchases, Vending sales and contactless EMV tickets are all recognized by tapping the contactless EMV- card, phone or watch. 


Using APIs and the white labelled Self Service Portal, the customer service agent and the traveler can execute service actions such as card activity lookup, refunding, check-in/checkout correction and more.


The mobility operator receives a daily report aggregating transactions from all sales channels removing the need to collect transaction reporting for every sales channel separately.


Visa Ready