Innovative card issuing

Wallester is a passionate FinTech company considering card issuing more than simple. Our modern technology enables us to get the turn-key and cost-effective payment solution for the different types of businesses, whether you are a startup or a large corporation. Build your card program by minimizing the complexity of integration. Card issuing has never been easier.


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Wallester - Card Issuer

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We Provide

  • Card issuing, Card processing, White label solutions, BIN sponsorship
  • Debit / Credit / Prepaid cards, Physical / Virtual Cards
  • Consumer / Business cards

Our Benefits

  • Fastest time to the market / Rapid launch
  • Instant virtual card
  • In-house solution
  • Wide range of program settings
  • Tokenization
  • Flexibility

White Label card program

Grow your brand visibility and recognizability by launching your own branded cards. We offer a scratch-built CRM platform to make the management of the card program as user-friendly and efficient as possible!
  • Exclusive design
  • Personalized back office portal
  • Branded Mobile App

Issuing Features

All in One Solution


Possibility to tokenize any type of cards to add them to digital wallets: Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

3D Secure

3D Secure makes e-commerce particularly secure by requesting an additional step of verification with the card issuer at the time of the transaction.

Virtual Cards

Instant issuance of personalized virtual cards for various purposes. Virtual cards enable you to make instant payments, transfers and online purchases in an even more secure and reliable way.

Fraud Monitoring

Fraud monitoring service provides payment transactions monitoring to detect and prevent payment card fraud, thus reducing possible financial losses.

Back Office Portal

Create your experience by using our Back Office Portal. It allows you to control your business and manage all settings. Monitoring your card program is now easier with a dashboard.

  • Convenient interface
  • Access without any integration
  • Analyze your customer's behavior
Image shows a dashboard representing the Back Office Portal

Mobile App

Get the full solution by using the mobile application that was developed by Estonian IT-Specialists and can be white-labeled. Set up the limits and issue the virtual cards instantly. Freeze the active card and remind PIN. The application has a wide range of functionalities and is available in AppStore and Play Market.

  • Biometric protection
  • Apple/Google/Garmin/Fitbit/Fidesmo Pay
  • Disposable virtual cards

Open API

Wallester provides a self-made platform with the latest technologies inside. It meets all the requirements of card issuing and has plenty of functionalities. The platform was built on the REST API method, so the integration of two systems takes less time.

  • 60+ endpoints
  • Simplex integration
  • Constantly improved

Find and check our Open API on our website in the “Developers” tab.


Visa Ready


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