Yalamanchili is a leading technology solutions provider that designs and implements customized, flexible, scalable and innovative banking and payment solutions for clients around the world. The company's solutions are focused in the areas of prepaid, credit, debit, and commercial cards, as well scheme based tokenization, transaction processing, customer service delivery channels and emerging payments. Whether it's an individual product, an end-to-end solution or the provision of a fully-outsourced service, Yalamanchili's solutions are enabling more than 100+ clients around the world to stay at the forefront of global industry developments.


Visa Ready

NARADA CustomerOne

NARADA® from Yalamanchili is an application platform that helps clients create, implement and manage innovative solutions in the areas of transaction processing, card systems and banking systems.

Yalamanchilli offers:

MIDDLEWARE SOLUTION enables communication and data interchange between devices and applications within an enterprise, as well as between the enterprise and other external networks and institutions.

PREPAID SOLUTION manages the complete prepaid card lifecycle and provides an easy-to-use platform for financial institutions, agencies, corporate customers and consumers to customize and tailor their programs. It supports variety of prepaid programs such as but not limited to General Purpose Reloadable Cards, Travel Cards, Remittance Cards, and Disbursement Cards.

DEBIT, CREDIT AND COMMERCIAL SOLUTION helps financial institutions launch debit card programs either independently or as co-branded programs. The end-to-end solution integrates the functions of card issuance management, fee management, limits management, settlement, reconciliation, loyalty, exception and risk management.  The solution provides a facility to connect to service delivery channels and banking host applications.

CONSUMER SERVICE DELIVERY The consumer service delivery channel solution is designed to handle online financial transactions from automated teller machines (ATM), kiosks, phones, mobile, internet, merchant point-of-sale devices (POS) and interchanges

ATM SOLUTION provides a platform for the integration of ATMs as a strategic delivery channel. The solution integrates the functions of ATM, transaction switching, card issuance management, ATM content and soware distribution management, ATM control and monitoring including settlement, reconciliation, and exception management

MERCHANT MANAGEMENT SOLUTION provides an end-to-end acquiring platform for merchant on-boarding and registration, terminal management, merchant loyalty management for POS and e-commerce merchants with setting for discounts, fees, limits, merchant settlement and payments

Solution Information

Visa Credential and Card Support Prepaid, Debit, Credit, Consumer, Small Busness, Commercial
In-Region Support Yes
PCI Compliance Yes
Instant Funding / $0-Balance Transactions Yes
Proprietary or Visa Access Control Server (ACS) Yes
Risk-based Authentication (3DS 2.0) Yes
Real-time Risk Scoring Yes
Custom Fraud Rules Yes
BIN Sponsor Connections Yes
Program Management / End-to-End Yes
Full-service Credit Program Management Yes
Multi-currency Partitioning Yes
Visa Value-added Services Integration Visa FX Rate API
Other Value-added Services Integrations eKYC Providers, Installments, Payment Gateways for eCommerce

Testing and Environment Information

Solution Deployment Cloud/On-Prem
Tenancy Architecture Multi-product, Multi-client, Multi-BIN
Comprehensive APIs Yes
Sandbox Testing Environment Full testing and simulation environment for all APIs and test cases
Uptime Availability in Region(s) 99.99%

Solution Support

Visa Token Service (VTS) Yes, Push Provisioning (entire lifecyle supported)
Visa Direct Support Yes
Visa QR Payments ("Scan to Pay" Support) Yes
Customizable Authorization Decisioning Yes
Reporting Custom, API-based
Authorization Flow Fully Managed, Partially Managed
Incremental Authorization Yes


Visa Ready


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