What Partners Do I Need?

Find out what partner suits your needs.

Nomatter your use case or project need, Visa has various business partners that you can reach out to, to get your solutions off the ground. Each partner has been vetted by Visa as a program partner, or solution provider. Get in touch today.

I want to issue cards and credentials

To launch a card program, you’ll need a banking relationship, an issuer processor and likely a program manager. Some of our partners can do it all. Learn more in our Steps to Launch a Card Program course. Here’s a rundown:

BIN Sponsors

A BIN sponsor is the issuing bank that owns the Bank Identification Number (BIN), which is necessary to access the Visa network. The issuing bank holds cardholder funds, and takes on the role of managing risk and local country regulations, adhering to Visa rules and often acting as the settlement agent.  

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Issuer Processors

Your direct connection to the issuing bank and networks, issuer processors keep the system of record, manage issuance, authorize transactions and communicate with settlement entities.

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Program Managers

Oversees your card program on the issuing bank’s behalf – establishing key relationships, marketing to consumers and merchants, and helping to support profitability. They are typically responsible for developing, launching and managing the program through its lifecycle. 

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End-to-End Partners

These partners offer the full-stack issuing solution that includes BIN sponsorship, issuer processing as well as program management – often outsourcing some capabilities, but providing a unified development interface. Not available in all regions.

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Fraud Solutions Partners

Partners in this category offer a wide range of solutions to help you battle fraud within your issuing program. Many of these partners also offer dispute solutions to ensure your program runs smoothly.

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Security and Compliance Partners

Partner with companies who can help you protect your data without compromising on security. These partners can help you prevent unauthorized data access and even offer advice on your security and compliance programs.

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I want to enable disbursements

We’ve done the hard work to enable funds disbursements, peer-to-peer payments, payroll disbursements and other fast payment use cases. Learn more on our Disbursements page.

Visa Direct Partners

Your link to VisaNet’s fast funds delivery processing with businesses and solution providers for empowering direct payments using card credentials.

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I want to find a certified solution

If you’re looking to quickly integrate specialized capabilities, Visa Ready partners have the expertise and solution for you. Want to become a Visa Ready Partner? Learn more about Visa Ready.

Visa Ready Certified Partners

Ease your way into the payment ecosystem. Visa Ready Certified Partners can help enable fast adoption of payment solutions by merchants, technology and financial institutions.

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