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Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)

Today’s customers demand the flexibility to get what they want, when they want it – and pay for it later.

If you’re a merchant, issuer, or acquirer who would like to offer BNPL solutions to your customers, we can help you find a Visa partner who matches your unique needs. Or, if you’re a tech company that would like to have your BNPL solution reach Visa’s vast network of clients, the Visa Ready for BNPL partner program can help increase your visibility. 

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Visa BNPL Portfolio

What BNPL solutions do your customers need?

Visa BNPL Portfolio provides a suite of solutions to support your customers’ specific needs

Does your customer want to...

  • Make BNPL purchases through their existing card?

Visa Installment Solutions: A suite of APIs for issuers and merchants to create, manage and present installment plans for credit and debit cardholders

  • Use BNPL wherever they shop?

Visa BNPL credentials: A BNPL payment credential to enable traditional issuers and fintechs to offer a BNPL card

  • Leverage their existing settlement flow?

Visa settlement solutions: Visa rails to support streamlined settlement for merchants that use fintech providers

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What BNPL solutions do your customers need?

Visa BNPL portfolio provides an optimal customer experience and easy path to market for Visa clients

Do you want to...

  • Support existing eligible credit and debit cards

  • Provide multi-channel, consistent checkout experiences

  • Achieve scalability through existing settlement processes

Benefits of becoming a Visa BNPL partner

Through participation in the Visa Ready for BNPL partner program, you gain access to the following benefits and more:

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Promote your preferred BNPL solution, gain visibility on the Visa Partner Directory, and receive co-marketing opportunities

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Easy onboarding with access to specifications, implementation guides and Visa expertise to build and deploy solutions; collaborate with the Visa team on your go-to-market strategy

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Qualifying partners will be eligible for commercial incentives based on solution evaluation by the Visa team

Watch how becoming a Visa BNPL partner helped Skeps and i2c

Visa BNPL partner types

The Visa Ready BNPL program supports three different partnership constructs – resellers, enablers and referrals




  • Offer Visa Installment Solutions to your customers as a new value-added service
  • Enable Visa clients to use Visa Installment Solutions through your solution (sales will come directly through Visa/Reseller partners)
  • Bring new capabilities (e.g. underwriting, account origination, ledger management, etc.) to Visa clients to support faster enablement of Visa BNPL Portfolio solutions
  • Integrate with Visa Installment Solutions APIs
  • Integrate with Visa Installment Solutions APIs
  • May not integrate with Visa Installment Solutions APIs 
  • Comply with Visa Installment Solutions guidelines
  • Comply with Visa Installment Solutions guidelines
  • Comply with Visa’s framework for supporting clients referred by Visa 

Benefits of working with Visa BNPL partners

Visa clients gain the following benefits through working with a Visa Ready for BNPL partner

  • Streamlined partner discovery
    Save time on sourcing by connecting with preferred partners who have been vetted by the Visa BNPL team
  • Exclusive commercial packages
    Manage costs with available preferred pricing in certain cases

  • Faster implementation
    Work with partners with expertise in Visa BNPL, providing faster speed to market. Leverage Visa Consulting and Analytics for additional support

Find a partner

Partner approval process


Fill out all the necessary details in the application.


Our team will review your application and contact you if additional information is required.


Once your application is approved, Visa will onboard you as a Visa Ready partner for BNPL and publish your details on the partner directory.

How it works - for Visa clients


Review preferred partners in the Visa Partner Directory.


Meet potential partners and determine product and partner fit. Leverage Visa Consulting and Analytics team to assist in this phase.


Work directly with Visa Ready for BNPL partners while benefiting from exclusive commercial packages in certain cases.


Integrate with partners and rapidly launch Visa BNPL Portfolio capabilities.

Learn more about our BNPL solutions


Visa Installment Solutions APIs

  • An easy-to-implement solution for BNPL providers that helps take the friction out of merchant settlement—with no additional work for merchants

  • Issuers can integrate with the APIs to create and schedule installment plans, as well as to enroll cardholders to select plans

  • Merchants can integrate with the APIs to look up eligible installment plans, or to select or cancel an installment plan

Visa BNPL credentials

  • An innovative solution offered to issuers and fintechs to increase acceptance and acquire new customers with a BNPL card

  • The new payment credential can be credit, debit, or prepaid that can be manually entered into an eCommerce checkout or provisioned to a mobile wallet for contactless in-store transactions

  • Offers the flexibility to create a payment credential which can be multi-use or single-use

Visa settlement solutions

  • An easy-to-implement solution for BNPL providers that helps take the friction out of merchant settlement; with no additional work for merchants

  • BNPL providers create a new virtual single use credential for every transaction processed to settle with the merchant

  • Launch merchants quickly and scale faster by using the existing settlement processes
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